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Matt Walsh is an Australian-trained physical therapist with over 33 years of clinical experience in sports and orthopedic PT. Matt specializes in running-related pain and performance and has worked with professional and recreational athletes from all over the world. He has previously worked as a therapist for the Canadian Cross Country Ski Team and Alberta Alpine Ski Team and served as a consultant to the PGA tour, Canadian U23 Rugby Team, and Nike's Team Oregon project.

As an educator, he teaches physical therapists and doctors throughout the United States, Canada, and Spain on the topics of tendon pain, exercise, and running-related care. Additionally, Matt leads a health professional running special interest group and a strength and conditioning class for runners.

Matt practices what he preaches and maintains an extremely healthy and sporting lifestyle. He has coached and played elite level rugby, touch rugby, and cricket. Matt’s depth of experience as both an athlete and coach allows him a systematic, yet eclectic, clinical approach to solving complex and chronic problems.


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