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Due to the current precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all Walsh Running Analysis sessions will be online-only until further notice. Please read the entirety of this page thoroughly prior to scheduling an appointment to understand the new online screening process.

It is recommended that you schedule your online consultations before beginning your self-screenings but be sure to give yourself enough time to complete the self-screenings prior to the scheduled appointment.


$185 for a 75-minute session


In order to maximize our one-on-one time online, all incoming patients are asked to film themselves doing a basic self-evaluation screening. The videos are to be uploaded via the Dropbox link below at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled appointment. Filming the video on your smartphone or computer's webcam will be sufficient. Be sure that your camera is oriented horizontally and that your entire body is visible through all movements. 

Below, you will find links to a video to guide you through the self-evaluation as well as the worksheet you will need to fill out and submit along with your video prior to the appointment.

In addition to the self-evaluation video, please upload two 30 second videos of you running--one from the side and one from the back.

Contact Matt if you have any questions about this process.


Running Analysis Self-Screening Guide Video

Running Analysis Self-Screening Worksheet

Running Analysis Intake Form

Please complete the worksheet AND intake form in addition to your VIDEOS. You will upload all by clicking the button below. You should be able to fill out the forms on your computer but if you have issues, you can print the worksheet, fill it out, scan it, and upload it.

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