UPDATE: Matt is now able to offer both in-person appointments at Evolution Healthcare & Fitness as well as online consultations and appointments.

Walsh Physical Therapy is a cash-based, out of network physical therapy practice.

We do not accept any insurance plans for our services.

My goal is to get you out of the medical system and back to consistent healthy movement and training.



Tired of the injury whirlpool? Willing to do what is necessary to get healthy and strong again? Let me help you take your story of pain and frustration and rewrite it into one of hope, health, and success. Physical therapy is intended for people who have already experienced an injury and are looking to rehab and recover.



Running is a complex skill that requires the right balance of strength, mobility, and quality movement. Treadmill analysis and performance programs are the core of my expertise. I’ve taught my approach for 30 years, both locally and internationally. How in-depth do you need to go? Let me help you improve your running performance. In the first session, we will start with a complete physical screening exam and video analysis of treadmill and outdoor running. In the second session, we will do strength and load capacity testing.



Every athlete needs a personalized and unique approach based on their abilities, lifestyle and athletic goals. I am in the business of helping you set a new standard of normal. Choose from individual sessions or ongoing performance training. Performance coaching is intended to be for non-injured people who are looking to improve performance. If you are currently recovering from an injury, reach out to get started on a physical therapy program with me first.



Knowledge is at the core of true knowing. Through classes, workshops, and private mentorship, I have 33 years as a physical therapy educator. Learn from my clinical experiences regarding sports-related biomechanics, therapeutic exercise progressions, and creative problem-solving and clinical reasoning.




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